When Your Posts Die In 25min Or Less

Social Media Posts Die

Continuously creating content is a daunting task one that can seem overwhelming without the right plan. Especially when you are first starting your business. The hours may seem to fade away and too much time may be spent trying to create your daily social media posts.

Here is the shocking truth - Social Media Post lifecycle



Facebook: most of the action happens within the first 2.5 hours. 75% of the total impressions to be exact. This also applies to reach. 75% of the reach occurs within 2 hours and a total of 30 min to get 50% of its global reach.

Instagram: The best performing posts on Instagram may take up to 12 hours to reach momentum. On average a post will have a 48-hour lifespan and would have received 75% of its total comments. The total engagement will begin to decrease after 6 hours.

Twitter: Your tweets have gone down from 30 min to 25 min, and now they have a lifespan of about 18 min. Your tweets have one of the shortest social lifespans.

Pinterest: this is one of the only platforms that for years has had the same reach. Your quality pins may receive rep-ins for years! On average for about a year.

The Social Good News - Understanding each channel.


According to Pew Research, 69% of public users have some social media platform. It was true that younger Americans were more propensity to use social media, but this is no longer the case. We have seen a 70% growth in users between the ages of 50-65.

Facebook: we have seen marketers go from often posting to posting about 15 times a month. I have shifted the way I use this platform for clients and myself. With this new data, it has become clear that we should be posting more frequently. This means nothing if you are not optimizing your post times. Take the time to analyze your post history and see where your peak hours are.

Instagram: think of this platform like a discovery network. Now that you can save hashtags it is more important than ever that you have a hashtag strategy. This is how users are discovering new content, and this is how you will expand your reach.

Twitter: Tweet often and tweet smart. Make your content is relevant to your audience. Also, keep in mind when it comes to news consumption 20% go in daily and 14% weekly. This does not mean you should be posting what you saw on the news the night before if it does not apply to your brand. Jump on trending tweets when possible and be a part of the conversation when it is relevant to you and your brand.

Pinterest: Now that you know Pinterest has the most extended shelf life make sure to repurpose your pins by giving them a fresh look. You can extend the life of a pin by merely going in every couple of months and swapping out the image. A/B test to see which models perform the best. You can create multiple boards. Have fun with it and take advantage of Hashtags. Do your research and strategically speak to the algorithm with your hashtags and to your users with your pin descriptions.


Additional studies have shown that social media users engage with retails on social media. With Facebooks Marketplace, in platform shopping integrations and Instagrams buy buttons users are purchasing via social. What is interesting is the offers that they are most interested in.


Power Tips:

  • Native content can generate ten times the reach that you can get from sharing a video link. Post directly from the platform when possible.

  • Create blog posts and convert that same post into 5 high-quality social posts

  • Make sure always to include a CTA (call to action) when posting on social

  • Links! Super import ad your blog posts, website or landing page links.

  • Give your old posts new life by reposting them on Stories

  • Find the ideal posting frequency and posting schedule. This information is best found within your analytics.