Soulpreneurs Lead With Love

The soulpreneur leads with love

The soulpreneur is in business because they love people.

We are here to make a positive difference, and we know the way to do that longterm is to make our business sustainable. We do that by making sure that we lead with love at all times. How do we lead with love? We make sure we are solving real problems.

Take time to ask yourself what problems you want to solve. There is no shortage of issues to resolve, sufferings to alleviate, and obstacles to transform into opportunities. Lead with love by understanding what you have to offer. We all have unique gifts, strengths, and experiences that we can use to improve the lives of others.

Resist the common urge to start backwards. Rather than asking how you will make money, make an honest assessment of what you can give. When you have a clear picture of your skills and your passions, then you can begin the work of identifying the problems you want to solve. You develop true qualities of leadership when you match what you can offer with what the world needs. Everyone has a role to play, everyone has gifts to give, and you make the biggest impact when you pair yours with a specific problem people face.

Being a soulpreneur means recognizing that, since most of our lives are spent at work, your career is your greatest vehicle for directing your energies towards positive change in the world.

You can live in the service of others when you turn your mission into a day-to-day business. When you lead with love, you focus on what you can give rather than what you can get. We can all fulfill our life purpose by assessing ourselves honestly, leading with love, and meeting the world’s needs with our strengths.