Email the S**t out of it

Email Marketing

I am a big fan of e-mail!

Everyone can benefit from having a well throughout email campaign. What better way to communicate with your desired audience. You can send out communication instantly after acquiring that lead 365 days a year. Till this day e-mails drive better returns on your investments as well as higher engagement than other digital marketing tactics.

This is only true if you've acquired your list via your digital marketing efforts and have targetted prospects that are more likely to buy or have an interest in your product. Buy lists is never a good idea and randomly uploading contacts into an e-mail service provider is even worse. (but this is a conversation for another post)

What to look for when purchasing an Email Software

A/B Testing

Test, Test, Test! My number one thing that I always say is personal preferences do not matter, only the numbers! I may like the way something looks, reads or comes across and it may be the worst converting e-mail. Test your headlines, body copy and images to come up with the best formula for that target audience. Eliminates the guesswork and allows you to see what works and what doesn't.

Behavior-based automation

You want to be able to create a "drip" or an email workflow that allows you to take specific responses based on whether they made a particular action. For example, if they did not open an e-mail send a reminder in three days or if they did not click on a specific link send a differently worded e-mail within two days. This is extremely powerful and can help you establish authority, sell to new customers as well as recurring sales to existing clients.


You want to be able to deliver personalized messages to your lists especially if you have multiple products or offerings. "Contact Tagging" is a feature that allows you to tag those leads with the campaign name they opted in form. If they registered on your website, or offer specific landing pages all of the tags should receive a different email sequence that answers explicitly the reason for them opting in.

eCommerce Integration

If you have an eCommerce site and would like to fully track your data (why wouldn't you?) look for an email platform that can integrate with your eCommerce platform. This can help you identify if your campaign is successful, which convert the best and if you have a brand advocate who purchases often. Extremely important when you want to nurture those leads.

Here is a list of e-mail service providers you can check out

  • Infusionsoft

  • Trumpia

  • ActiveCampaign

  • MailChimp (the least sophisticated but effective)

  • Zoho

  • Klaviyo

There are a ton of measurable benefits to emailing the s**t out of potential prospects and clients. No other marketing channel is as cost-effective as well as measurable. If you create a well thought out email marketing platform you can close the gap between sales conversion times, track user behavior information, see which copy and CTA work the best (which can transition into upper funnel campaigns). Combine this with your other digital marketing initiatives and your well on your way to having a profitable business.